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The Gold Rock is the most basic resource gathering...

The Gold Rock is the most basic resource gathering and fighting tool in Rust. Every time you spawn this item will be present as the first item in your toolbar and is craftable with 10 stone. Its purpose is to allow new players to gather enough resources (primarily Wood and Stone) to craft better and more effective tools such as the Stone Hatchet for wood gathering, and the Stone Pick Axe for ore gathering. It can also be used for fighting other players, breaking barrels and damaging structures. It does however have limited durablity, and while it will last for quite a while, it will eventually become unusable. Left clicking while holding the Gold Rock will cause you to hit whatever is in front of you, which is the most common use of the item. This is how you attack and gather resources. You can however also right click, which allows you to throw the Gold Rock a short distance, dealing large amounts of damage to unarmored players. It is possible to obtain High Quality Metal Ore from ore deposits by hitting it with a Gold Rock This is a skin for the Rock item. You will be able to apply this skin when you craft the item in game.
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