Flak Vest - Green Flak Vest - Green

Flak Vest - Green

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The Flak Vest - Green is one of the late-game armo...

The Flak Vest - Green is one of the late-game armor pieces and, as such, is one of the best armor pieces in game. When equipped, you take significantly less damage from direct attacks from the front and back. However, this doesn't cover the neck or sides and reduces cold protection by eight, so keep a keen eye and remember to find somewhere safe when it starts to get cold. The vest is composed of two iron plates strapped with leather. This is a skin for the Metal Chest Plate item. You will be able to apply this skin when you craft the item in game.
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1xMetal Chest Plate Metal Chest Plate
Item change
1xRepair Bench Repair Bench 1x Metal Chest Plate 1x Flak Vest - Green
1xCloth Cloth

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