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Alien Relic SMG

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The Alien Relic SMG is a sub machine gun, which ho...

The Alien Relic SMG is a sub machine gun, which holds 24 bullets, and has a fast rate of fire (faster than the Thompson). It also has huge bullet drop and deals slightly less damage than the Thompson. As stated in Rust Devblog 59, the Alien Relic SMG was intended to "bridge the gap" between the relentless power of the Thompson and the improvised Revolver. The Alien Relic SMG is an improvised-looking weapon, as it looks like it was put together from scrap metal and common materials. The SMG is a quite fast-firing gun; however, its accuracy is its downfall. The SMG inflicts a decent 5-15 damage per shot, inflicts Bleeding, and uses pistol bullets as ammo. The Alien Relic SMG seems to be modelled after the Carl Gustav M45, although functionally it shares a lot with the S&W M76, and even the real life handmade BSP 9mm SMG by Philip Luty, a british pro-firearms campaigner. It takes 60 seconds to craft. This is a skin for the Custom SMG item. You will be able to apply this skin when you craft the item in game.
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