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Green Bandana

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The Green Bandana is an attire item that is availa...

The Green Bandana is an attire item that is available in many skins. It currently provides little protection from damage. The Bandana can be worn with other headwear, like the Baseball Cap or Boonie Hat. The Bandana is specifically worn around the mouth, or the lower part of the face. A square of cloth which is tied around the face over the nose and mouth.This is a skin for the Bandana Mask item. You will be able to apply this skin when you craft the item in game.
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Specific References

Item ingredients time workbench_level
1xBandana Mask Bandana Mask 5x Cloth 7–30 sec -
1xBandana Mask Bandana Mask
Item change
1xRepair Bench Repair Bench 1x Bandana Mask 1x Green Bandana
1xCloth Cloth

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