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This is a skin for the Wooden Door item. You will ...

This is a skin for the Wooden Door item. You will be able to apply this skin when you craft the item in game. The Wooden Door is an early game building item that is made from wood and cheap to produce. Being the cheapest of all the doors, it is often used alongside a Lock to quickly secure a base. Its vulnerability to fire and weak explosive resistance makes the door a temporary solution to securing your base. Due to its flaws it should quickly be upgraded to a higher tier door such as Sheet Metal. The Wooden Door can take two kinds of locks the basic Lock and the Code Lock. To pick up the door, remove any locks, hold down the E (USE) key and select 'Pickup'. Note: There is currently a bug where a door sometimes can not be picked up until any type of Lock has been placed and removed.
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1xWooden Door Wooden Door
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1xRepair Bench Repair Bench 1x Wooden Door 1x Wise Door
1xWood Wood

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