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About Rust Base Builder

Fortify is a base designer for Rust. Anyone who likes creative building might also have fun with this.

Featuring the same parts and placement rules (updated for Building 3.0) but with extra tools to plan your base faster without fear of other players.

Get the resource count needed to build your base and upkeep required. See a visual for the building blocked area.

See the calculated stability of your design and accurately damage/destroy parts using C4, rockets and satchels.

Fortify supports the save format used by the Copy-Paste Oxide plugin that allows importing designs into a modded Rust server or exporting bases.

Browse and import designs from the hundreds of workshop items and make your own modifications.

Build with up to 3 other friends or share a design with one click to create a pastebin link. Alternately you can copy to your clipboard and paste in an email or messenger.

Fortify has been updated consistently for over 2 years to match changes in the ever-evolving Rust with more new features still planned.

More Features:
– different scenes to build in: flat terrain, island, caves and icebergs
– option for automatically adding related deployables to placed frames, doorways and windows
– info spots – creates a clickable icon that allows storing a note with the current camera orientation
– plan in stages with the staging color system
– merge saves into current scene
– see a timelapse of your base construction in stability mode
– copy and paste selections
– snap separate structures together
– lots of helpful selection tools
– rectangle selection with ctrl or alt to alter
– quickly build up with “add level” tools
– change the tier of selections
– cloud saves


Thought it was past time to share this on here. Any ideas/feedback would be great or show off what you’ve made.

Visit for lots of base designs and more info.


Had to put off the steam version to get frame parts in.

Don’t forget to checkout the guide:






– added wall and floor frame

– added hatch and metal double door

– adjusted colliders to help with double wall building

– added lots of new materials for placeables

– added panel for displaying/saving door codes, can only add codes in edit mode

– added new frame parts to resource count, along with shelves

– hide floor mode now shows floor number, added tab button under arrows to jump to 1st floor

– set target frame rate to 60

– roof collider changed for more intersecting placements and disabled side wall placement

– large furnace collider height reduced

– reduced small furnace collider radius

– fixed doorway collider issue when placing adjacent

– disabled all shortcuts while using save input

– changed lighting settings


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